All those Leos who have been lying in bed for months clenching their teeth outstaring the wall can finally relax the jaws and shut their eyes by Roswitha Gerlitz


Short fiction by Roswitha Gerlitz

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‘I am a London based visual artist, theatre/opera performance director, producer and writer navigating pathways between diverse practices. My artistic concepts, creative approach and aesthetic languages are informed by my extensive experience of multimedia methodologies’. Roswitha’s academic studies of the Chorus inspired site specific choral performances, which informed her first novel, TheFutureWasBright’. Since then Roswitha advanced her poetic prose, completed her novel and generated a collection of short stories and poetry. She has written the text/libretto to performances in California and the UK; recently her essay In Terms of Meaning was published by Westminster University Press. Roswitha has no hobbies; she would like to be friends with octopuses and is happiest in summer, listening to the meadows’ wildlife.

Featured image by Roswitha Gerlitz

26 October 2020