Time within a narrative
June 20, 2018
Quiet Desperation by Rob Mayo
June 25, 2018

June Recommended Reads

Are short Summer nights depriving you of sleep? Here are some ideas from the MIROnline team on how to fill your waking hours. Enjoy.



"A really enjoyable read that proves one can be fully gripped by a disturbing novel full of unsympathetic characters. I loved the moral dilemma and the questions asked about parental responsibility." - Elinor Johns

The Dinner by Herman Koch


"Shortlisted for this year’s Women’s Prize, this book merges the archetypal US road trip novel with magic realism and the ghosts of the Southern states. Incredibly moving as Ward shines a light on the terrible generational effects of racism in America, this is at its heart the story of a family struggling to stay together." - Louise Hare

Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward


"If I were allowed a single book with endless pen and paper on my desert island it would be this one. Each stand-alone sentence or poetic broken line weaves its way into the barely visible structure of this invaluable how-to-guide on the art and craft of writing. Best of all, Klinkenbourg offers close analysis of extracts of fine fiction in the last quarter of the book that practise everything he preaches." - Stella Klein

Several short sentences about writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg


"The setting is based on the real-life fires from October 1947 that raged in Maine following months of severe drought. Anita Shreve writes about women, hemmed in by the expectations of their time periods, but women that find and harbour an inner strength that allows them to supersede and rise above their circumstances. Grace, the young wife and mother in this story is no exception." - Alison Hitchcock

The Stars Are Fire by Anita Shreve


"Set in an unspecified past, in a stretch of Cumbria that is pin-point accurate, a troubled, mute girl goes on the lam with someone else’s baby. Pursued by a vindictive priest, a one-legged poacher and a dog, she sleeps rough and scavenges for food. This is dark and visceral stuff; a tale of desperation, ingenuity and violence." - Jupiter Jones

Beastings by Benjamin Myers


"This relatively slim book manages to track the lives of two boys, Ellis and Michael, from children to manhood. For a long time inseparable, when Ellis meets Annie their lives change, but then nothing lasts forever. This is a stunning novel that I read in one afternoon but am still thinking about three weeks later." - Louise Hare

Tin Man by Sarah Winman


"The most shocking of the Patrick Melrose novels, yet, until the cruelty becomes disturbing, it is also very funny. His written style is masterful and it is a book that will stay with you. " - Elinor Johns

Never Mind by Edward St Aubyn


"Subtitled ‘How I became Putin’s No.1 enemy’, this is the story of how an opportunistic American investment banker took advantage of the chaos in post-Soviet Russia to make a fortune and then fell out with the president and his cronies. It’s also the story of Sergei Magnitsky, a young accountant who was murdered after uncovering a massive fraud. Reads like a thriller – and what it lacks in literary flair it makes up for in tautness and tension." - James Kennedy

Red Notice by Bill Browder