The Anthology

Issue No. 9

Published in 2012 with illustrations by Lucy Jones, the contributors for the ninth issue were:

Terence James Eeles

Jamie M-Richards

Phoebe Blatton

Lucy Hume

Jenn Ashworth

Paul Flack

Julia Bell

Susan Greenhill

Phil Gilbert

Veena Sharma

Rachel Withers

Alison MacLeod

Jack Wilkes

Tanya Datta

Erinn Kindig

Thaddeus Hickman

Chris Lilly

Nick Alexander

Victoria Grigg

M.J. Whistler

Nadim Safdar

Maggie Womersley

Alexander Knights.

MIR9 was edited by Sue Betney, Dane Buckley, Sarah Cumming, Natalie Fletcher, Marlowe Harris, Zoë Ranson, and Antonia Reed.