Project Collage


A free workshop with Kayleigh Cassidy

The mindful art of collage. Release yourself from the shackles of form and structure with this combined arts and writing workshop. Based on spontaneous creativity, Project Collage looks to explore the participants ideas without rules or restrictions. Maybe you are a writer who wants to do something different? Maybe you are a banker who wants to get their hands sticky? Maybe you are someone who is looking for the psychological satisfaction of starting and finishing something in one day?Project Collage is an inclusive group. Based on the art of mindfulness and combining art therapy practices, Project Collage is an escape from everyday life. A place for adults to play and let their inner child thrive. Through out the day participants will create a collage and do a free write based on what they created.

Wear something you don’t mind getting messy and bring along some items to share and cut up. The main ethos behind Project Collage is regenerating forgotten things or ‘rubbish’ into art. You might have a magazine. An old atlas. Some glitter and feathers your grown up children don’t use anymore. Everything offered is a gift.

Tickets are free but limited. Sign up now to secure your place!

18 February 2020