Doppelgänger by Stuart Snelson
October 31, 2016
Diamonds and Ashes by Tamar Hodes
November 2, 2016

Recommended Reads November 2016

The first of our monthly book recommendations. The MIROnline team have chosen the books they are most enjoying this month.


we don't know what we're doing

"The stories have an understated and contemporary feel, and I love the characters that Morris brings to life, funny and touching yet melancholic and sometimes bordering on the surreal." - Katherine Vik

We don't know what we're doing by Thomas Morris.


"Two books I'm looking forward to reading are Ottessa Moshfegh's forthcoming short story collection and her early novel 'McGlue', because the voice in 'Eileen' was brilliantly disturbing." - Kate Ellis

McGlue by Ottessa Moshfegh


"Tells stories of the refugees in Calais and those working and involved in The Jungle. Using fiction rather than reportage this collection opens our eyes to the breadth of people impacted, while keeping the reader engaged in the stories and the characters." - Alison Hitchcock

Breach by Annie Holmes and Olumide Popoola


"I've only read the first few pages of this novel and already I know I'm going to love it. A mixture of magical worlds and alternative dimensions, a story about stories that gives the reader control over the timeline, it ticks all of my boxes!" - Melanie Jones

Arcadia by Iain Pears


"This book gives the most authentic insight into the life of the homeless and it does so with humour, sensitivity and joyfulness, none of which are words we’d perhaps attach to a story abut the homeless." - Alison Hitchcock

Stuart - A Life Backwards by Alexander Masters

the story of my teeth

"The narrator's voice is funny and awkward, naive and self-conscious at the same time, it wins you over from the first page. The book follows the classical quest/life novel structure, but the story is sort of odd. Gustavo Sanchéz Sanchéz wants to replace his crooked teeth and have a perfect smile. In order to do that he has to become an auction caller and sell his most valuable possession: a collection of teeth which once belonged to famous thinkers." - Paola Moretti

The story of my teeth by Valeria Luiselli