April 28, 2022

Interview: Naomi Booth

Craig Smith interviews author, Naomi Booth
May 5, 2022

Interview: John Harvey

Craig Smith interviews author, John Harvey
June 30, 2022

Interview: Kimberly Campanello

Rasmus Meldgaard Harboe interviews poet, Kimberly Campanello.
August 4, 2022

Interview: Toby Litt

Alice MacGillivray interviews author, Toby Litt
August 25, 2022

Interview: Shon Faye

Natty Whitney Low interviews author, Shon Faye
September 8, 2022

Interview: Charlie Higson

Richard Norris interviews author, Charlie Higson
September 22, 2022

Interview: Lily Dunn

Nilgin Yusuf interviews author, Lily Dunn
October 20, 2022

Interview: Eva Verde

Amy Ridler interviews writer, Eva Verde
October 27, 2022

Interview: Sasha Dovzhyk

MIR interviews Sasha Dovzhyk, from the Ukraine Lab project
October 30, 2022

Review: Rising of the Black Sheep

Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed reviews Rising of the Black Sheep, by Livia Kojo Alour
January 17, 2023

Poem and Interview: Scarlett Sabet

"What is happening in Iran is heart-breaking, and this poem is testament to that, it is also paying homage to my Father and my Persian heritage, of which I'm so proud."
March 9, 2023

Interview: Kate Wilkinson

"The 7 – 11 age group is for me the most joyful of childhood – their imagination is boundless, they are brave and unjudgmental, and the self-consciousness of the teen years has not yet set in."
April 25, 2023

Bodies in Transition: An Interview with Hannah Copley on her poetry collection, Speculum

"In the case of obstetric and gynaecological history, it felt important to resist chronological or medical linearity. Working towards a happy ending would have been too easy and would have felt like a formal parroting of the unstoppable trajectory of ‘scientific progress’ that I wanted the book to question. "
April 27, 2023

Five Poems from Speculum, by Hannah Copley

They were stones in a champagne flute,
I was always bound to smash.
But they were there for a while,
hanging on, two faceless punters waiting
for the gag, and then it all slipped out
of me as easily as a giggle. Once is a mistake.
Twice is careless. By the end of it
you could hear a pin drop in my heart.
May 16, 2023

Neptune’s Projects: An Interview with Rishi Dastidar

"is there something in adopting the voice of a god, but giving him very human qualities and frailties? It turned out that adopting a persona that revolved at once about both being powerful and powerless was a great parallel for exploring subjects like climate change."