Lost and Found


Poetry by Christina Baum

lost and found


Brown Teddy Bear taken
with bed linen
by chambermaids of
the Hotel Le Fort,
in Paris, near the Gare du Nord.
He’s six, and his mum, Sam,
Is seven and very sad.

Jellycat bunny
found along a footpath
by the side of the library
in the South of Bath.
Looking very sorry
has the name Emily C
written on the label
above its knee.

Small hand knitted
baby blanket (all in one colour)
lost opposite
Lakeside School
In Blackpool.

Long blue scarf
found on a bus
from Bath to Scarborough
on the first of May.
No tags

I’ve lost my wedding ring
In the Costa del Sol Inn.
Finders fee: 500 Reais
(No questions asked).

Thin silver moon bracelet
with name on the back
found at Liverpool Station
on the seventh of June.

My name is Roland Bonay Bonay
I have lost my passport
on the plane to Bombay.

Last night I found a
blackberry in an Angel
black cab.

I have lost a small silver bag
With a memory card:
Holiday images of Madrid
Where my fiancé proposed.

Polaroid photo found in a shed:
girl on tricycle, cape on her back.
Background — pale
sun on a tropical beach.
She’s looking ahead.
No name.
Well loved.



Note: All lines in this poem have been adapted from ‘Lost and Found’ ads posted on White Boomerang.

11 March 2016