The Anthology

Issue No. 4

Published in 2007 with an introduction by Joyce Carol Oates, the contributors for the fourth issue were:

David Bezmozgis

Danny Birchall

Gabriela Blandy

Nadia Cranda

Zoe Fairbairns

Tom Gauld

Jaime Hernandez

Parselelo Kantai

Rohan Kar

Nik Korpon

Jill McGivering

Jennifer Payne

Samanthi Perera

T. Rawson

Lucy Roeber

Rosie Rogers

Paul Ryan

Elizabeth Sarkany

Michelle Singh

David John Soulsby

Rose Tremain

James Vincent

David Foster Wallace

Hilary Wilce

Laura Williams.

MIR4 was edited by Gabriela Blandy, Jill McGivering, Jennifer Payne, Elizabeth Sarkany, and James Vincent.