Podcast: Toby Litt


In the ninth episode of the MIR Podcast, Angèle Eliane talks to author Toby Litt about his latest novel, Patience. They discuss why the novel took 12 years to write, the importance of finding a voice, and coping with other peoples’ success.



Show Notes:

Toby Litt

Pre-order Patience

Extract of Patience

Timm Rautert

The Secret Lecture by Toby Litt

Christopher Nolan (author)

Wrestliana by Toby Litt

Hilary Mantel

Dead Kid Songs by Toby Litt

Sōtō Zen Mediation

The Long Way by Bernard Moitessier



This podcast was produced and edited by Peter J Coles


Angèle Eliane is a French writer living in London. After a short break in her writing and a shot at unexpected career paths, she finally realised that writing was her call. She is the Deputy Blog Manager for MIR and is running her own: https://angeleeliane.wixsite.com/angele, whilst working as a content writer and working on her first book.




Toby is a short story writer, novelist and non-fiction writer. He has also written comics and opera libretti. He teaches Creative Writing at Birkbeck.

6 September 2019