Stardust by C.E. Marie


Two Poems by C.E. Marie


Somewhere in between the endless cleaning up of this two person flat I remember we are stardust
A million years ago our bodies were first formed, yours next to mine
Or maybe that’s social conditioning, bringing us here – we were brought up in a similar way
And now my hair tangles with yours on the floor, with the stardust –
Skindust – and we’re swept away together.


Frith Street.
London buses
Crawling round the capital. We are ants
but we are two and thus not nothing
We aren’t special to each other, but we are young
And youth is just a type of love.

We are searching
For coffee bars and cake shops; restaurants
with something special or enticing
Doing nothing I allow the sun to cover me
And I allow myself happiness

Memories fade
And run together. Fantasies
form in my mind, I know where to take you next time
But for all the nights you’ve kissed me in my dreams
You kissed me only once on Frith Street.


C.E. Marie is a PhD student at Birkbeck College, University of London. She has written and presented on the connections between German and English-language literature, and always says that her first love is poetry. Kitty is a former librarian and educator and the co-founder and treasurer of The Sylvia Plath Society.

21 October 2020