Podcast: Rob True


In the seventh episode of the MIR Podcast, Peter J Coles talks to author Rob True about his debut collection of short stories, ‘Gospel of Aberration’. Rob talks openly about living with schizophrenia, learning to write stories at the age of 40, and gives his advice on writing good dialogue.



Show Notes:

Rob True

Gospel of Aberration

Burning House Press

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Raymond Carver

Ann Quin

Anna Kavan

Denis Johnson

Xanthi Barker



This podcast was produced and edited by Peter J Coles


Rob True was born in 1971. Unable to read or write very well, he left school with no qualifications and struggled to hold down a job at tyre fitters, factories and warehouses. Hospitalised in his early twenties with a psychotic illness, he didn’t work for eleven years. After many years working on building sites, aged forty, his wife taught him how to use paragraphs and punctuation and he began writing stories. Since then, Rob has been published in The Arsonist Magazine, Open Pen Magazine, Low Light Magazine, Occulum, Burning House Press, and Litro Magazine, and his debut work, Gospel of Aberration, has been published with Burning House Press this year. You can find him on Twitter @RobTrueStories



Peter J. Coles was born in Oxford and currently lives in London. He came to writing after stumbling through various universities around the world studying Japanese literature. He recently finished an MA Creative Writing at Birkbeck, University of London, and is the Managing Editor of Content for MIROnline. He is currently working on two novels and was shortlisted for the Wasafiri New Writing Prize 2018 and was longlisted for the Grindstone Literature International Novel Prize 2018. Twitter: @peafield

7 June 2019