Poetry by E.A.M. Harris

The Courtesy of Doors

This is the courtesy of doors:
to pause, with textured lacunae, walls,
which elsewise are one-state smoothies;

to cover all sides of in and out
back to back; to somersault
in to out and back on instant;

to swing or slide in any tone
from silence to oil me! scream;
to shriek lessons on without/within.

Doors guard and don’t discriminate;
pristine gold in someone’s vault
rotting tool in a garden shed.

Locks can nestle around the unrevealed,
the unescaped, unseen, unthieved.
At work, at home, in aviaries.

Doors converse in sighs, clicks and squeals,
the language of materials: wood and textiles,
brass, leather, glass, steel.

As punctuation of space – commas,
brackets, stops – they crisp up edges
making clear subordinates and periods.

This is the courtesy of doors:
closures in rooms and boxes; openers
of a new side, a new view.

Meetings Not Planned

The road parallels
a frozen river. I stand
counting my shivers

at this frost-point
I never reckoned to pass.
All the beckoning

paths I didn’t take
have led me a mazy route
to this unknown place,

here to shake paws with
life’s hat-rabbits. We didn’t
aim to coincide

but we’ve fetched up here:
a mélange of strangers at
a frost-point in time.

E. A. M. Harris has been writing for some years and several of her poems and flash stories have appeared in print and online magazines and anthologies. She blogs at http://eamharris.com/ and tweets as E A M Harris @Eah1E.