WOMAN by Anastasia Velounias




A sequence by Anastasia Velounias






Caged like a bird-

Oh Maya, it is still so blurred


We have the racism, fascism,

Communism, cynicism, criticism,

The barbarism, elitism,

The narcissism and the Darwinism


Oh Maya, your lyricism

Still sings with humanism,


Oh Maya, sing like a caged bird once more,

Will you please?






There is beauty in my pain,

There are scars left to heal


But the scope of happiness widened

And the meaning of life ripened.






I live to die,

You will live to see,


My no is not a yes,

Your ignorance is not in jest.






This country breeds men as dogs,

Barking and barking,

Waiting for their next attack.


But domestic abuse is expected, don’t you see?

This country breeds men as dogs,

It breeds women as subservient wrongs,

Living how we ought to be

Don’t you see?






I am a punching bag

But I do not bleed

And I do not succeed


As a woman who is

a punching bag

who only bleeds

and cries in disbelief


At women so cruel,

To let this be.






Dance to my tune,

I will make you forever weep and swoon.


The Pied Piper of Hamelin now resides at your jest,

‘Tis clear’ the women use to cry at their very best.


Oh- how little did they know,

Oh- when all we do is die slow.


Sing with me and dance to my flute,

I will make you flutter, you dirty brute.






I am a prisoner

Chained to your feet

I am your listener

But pray for me- give me fleet.


I am a pet

On a tightened leash

I am in your debt

But pray for me-let me unleash.


I am your wife

Bound for life

Death do us part

Because of a bleeding heart.






Feel empowered they said

When those people have bled


The double-edged sword they said

When those people were hanging on by a thread


Our time will come they said

When those people said this infection has yet to spread


What can they do they said

Either get wed or dead.






Hustling like a fraud

Waiting for my big applaud

Cooking up a storm

Receiving all the scorn

Nursing like Nightingale

Reading a bedtime story tale

Cleaning all the crevices

Scrapes, cuts and all the blemishes

Dressing up in couture

Acting so very demure 

Hustling like a fraud

Waiting for my big applaud.





23 June 2021