Boiled Egg (plus two more) by Anisha Jackson


Reading of ‘Boiled Egg’ by Anisha Jackson

Boiled Egg

“Boiled eggs taste better at sea,” she claimed.

We dedicated our morning to untangling rods

and replacing hooks.

She pulled old shrimp out of the freezer for bait

and the stray cats gathered for a cold breakfast.

Two boiled eggs sealed in a Tupperware lined with tissue.

“The deeper we’ll get, the better they’ll taste.”

I held onto my hat with one hand and the boat with the other.

She took the cap off the Jerrycan but the siphon didn’t fit.

I held the funnel. The boat swayed. She poured petrol onto my wrist.

It trickled towards my elbow and I gagged. 

“I’m sorry! I had no idea you hated the smell so much.”

I wretched over the side of the boat and left my arm dangling

over, until the floor had plummeted far below

and I saved my hand from the ocean’s unknown.

“Are you ready?” She asked, smiling.

She peeled her own egg and dipped it into the water. “Sea salt!”

The egg tasted better, but not because of the sea.

It was the temperamental radio,

the cats with full bellies,

the hilarious stench of fuel

and the eggshells sinking down to somewhere.

Nothing Measured

She might be one hundred

things, or something

less whole. More awkward,

like four-hundred and seventy


I cannot say that she is just one thing.

Not even eight will do.

It is too round, too infinite.

She could be sixty-three

and the next day

what about 102?

Other days we are only composite,

dividing into smaller 


This Time It Tastes Different

To walk through the kitchen in the early evening,

for the gas stove to be burning blue,

under a pan of bubbling gravy.

When I step out into the garden, the air is saccharine:

choux dough and heavy cream.

I haven’t tasted an eclair in years but that’s what outside tastes like.

It tastes different at 10 a.m., or at dusk,

when it’s 70% cocoa but still bitter-sweet. 

Anisha Jackson (she/her) is a first-class Literature with Creative Writing graduate from the University of East Anglia. Her writing revolves around the aesthetics of the everyday and her relationship with her mother’s home country, Nepal. She also writes about lesbian love. In 2020 she started the digital platform SIGNED, NEPAL for Nepali creatives. In September 2021 Anisha starts her MA in Creative and Life Writing at Goldsmiths University, London.

13 January 2021